Paul Adams Motorcycle Training

A2 (Restricted) Motorcycle Training | Bideford | Barnstaple | North Devon

A2 (Restricted) Motorcycle Training

This course is available to anyone over the age of 19
The test is taken on a 400cc machine (can be manual or automatic).
You must hold a current UK driving licence.
You must hold a current CBT certificate (DL196).
You must pass a theory test before you can take the practical test.

 the test is in two parts called module 1 and module 2.

Module 1

This is called the specified manoeuvres test, and is conducted on an off road site and involves element you will have done on your CBT. Throughout this test you are expected to use full and affective observations.

You will be required to:-

1. Take the bike on and off the stand, under full control.
2. Wheel the bike around in a semi-circle backwards, under full control.
3. Then ride forwards through slalom of 5 cones.
4. Then straight into a figure of eight.
5. You will then move to the start point where you will then ride forward and around a circuit marked out by cones at 30km/h or 19 mph.
6. You will then accelerate up to 50 km/h or 32 mph and pass through timing lights which record your speed before doing the avoidance test, (you must be doing 50 km/h as you pass the timing lights or it will be deemed a failed attempt. You are allowed 2 attempts as long as you haven’t hit the cones on your first attempt).
7. This then leads in to a controlled stop, (stopping with the front wheel in a box of 4 cones).
8. The next thing you will encounter is the U-turn, (which is conducted between 2 painted lines 7.5 metres apart).
9. You will then ride the bike forward in slow control mode between 2 sets of cones.
10. You will then move back over to the start point and ride the circuit a second time and pass the timing lights at 50 km/h, then conduct an emergency stop manoeuvre.

Module 1 is expected to take approximately 20 minutes. Having passed module 1 the pass will be tagged to your theory test and is valid for the life of your theory test certificate. (2 years) You then are eligible to take module 2.

Module 2

This is an on road riding test which must last at least 30 minutes. At the start you will be given an eyesight check and will be asked safety questions. The test will include a hill start and an angled start, but no longer includes the U-turn and controlled stop.

Passing Your Test        

A test pass on a 400cc Motorcycle has no automatic upgrade after 2 years, if you wish to ride a larger size bike you must wait 2 years or reach the age of 24 whichever is the soonest. 

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